How To Plan An Ideal Corporate Incentive Trip to Mexico

The human resources department of your corporation has a plethora of staff and tasks to manage. At Grupo, we understand the importance of planning regular incentive trips to keep your staff motivated, focused, and encouraged. Just as your corporation hopes to create a single, shared vision, we focus on one goal – building your team. That’s why we offer team building games, events, and retreats in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. It’s also why we go above and beyond to help make your corporate incentive trip a breeze from planning to landing.

We don’t do one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter team trips because we know that no two companies are alike, so no two teams should be treated exactly alike. We proudly get to know your company so we can create unique, custom, team building games that are mobile, scaled to fit your group size, and built with your specific needs and goals in mind. When you’re ready to treat your team to an exciting learning adventure, keep these planning tips in mind.

• Define Your End Goals
Does your team need activities that teach strategy, opportunities to unwind, or the chance to learn how to work together? Browse our team building and corporate events page and choose the one that offer the outcomes your team needs most.

• Select Your Travel Dates
Booking your travel at least six months in advance means you’re likely to get the most budget-friendly pricing. Even more importantly, it lets every team member obtain passports and other vital paperwork, make necessary arrangements for home and child care, and ensure the remaining staff has all other office matters in hand.

• Choose Your Activities
Will your team members respond most positively to indoor or outdoor team building games? Consider choosing the team building games with the highest level of difficulty to encourage team members to work hard at creating cohesion and attaining their goal.

• Define Goals & Expected Outcomes
Setting goals is only one part of team building. Creating a realistic plan to reach those goals is every bit as important. Your team will find it easier to work together with a clear, concise, well-defined goal in place.

Your ultimate goal is a healthy team. Our only goal is to show you how to get there by making learning fun, turning challenges into adventures, and turning tension into harmony. Contact us now. We’d love the opportunity to take your team on an adventure they’ll never forget.

Your team. Our mission. We build great teams. Period.