Keep Your Team Engaged With Head-To-Head Virtual Challenges

With corporate teams all over the world shifting from conference tables, boardrooms, and in-office staff meetings to work from home offices, team connectivity is more important than ever. While your team might not share the same corporate space these days, they still need to share the same corporate ideals, messaging, and goals. Virtual team challenges can help your corporation:

  • Improve team dynamics
  • Strengthen your remote team
  • Maintain ongoing connectivity
  • Ensure team focus and awareness
  • Foster better team communication

Working from home does not have to mean the total absence of team interaction. Check out these three, easy-to-implement, virtual team challenges:

Team Fitness Challenge

Challenge your team to engage in a simple fitness challenge that can help them avoid the lure of the home fridge and the complacency or sitting at a desk all day. Team members can engage in simple desk exercises, share healthy snack options, or encourage each other to take stretch breaks.  

Virtual Game Challenge

Host an occasional at-your-desk scavenger hunt. Give each team member a short list of odd items and offer a small reward to the person with the most items at or near their desk. It’s a fun way to get team members to take a short break and share a heartfelt laugh.

Self-Portrait Challenge

Challenge each team member to draw a self-portrait. Don’t go crazy with the rules – each self-portrait might be a caricature, a stick figure, or a classic rendering if there are budding artists among your team. The point is to engage in a fun activity and have a chuckle together. Open your next Zoom meeting by having each person reveal their self-portrait.

Team members interacting up close and in person cannot always happen. When your team is forced to work at a distance, virtual team challenges can help restore many of the subtleties that might get lost in the shuffle. Grupo Events is proud to be able to help teams learn to cope with the current pandemic while still feeling linked, connected, and bonded.

Whether your team is looking for solutions for right now or ready to start planning your 2021 corporate team building retreat, our team is here to help. Contact our team today to start building a better tomorrow for your team.