Let Grupo Show Your Team How To Race To Success

The goal of corporate retreats is to create a group of divergent yet like-minded men and women who race toward a shared successful outcome. In truth, that can’t always be accomplished in the confines of a corporate office. By simply giving your team a change of environment, you increase efficacy, boost morale, and foster improved production. Corporate retreats in Cancun are an easy way to reach all those goals in one beneficial team trip.

Are you the head of Human Resources, Project Manager, or Team Lead looking for a team building activity that combines the familiarity of a conference room with the unmatched beauty of Mexico? Look no further. Our Nascar Race Your Dream team activity is exactly what your team needs. It’s more than a team building game – it’s a thrilling challenge from the starting block to the finish line.

We’ll break your team members into groups of six or more, provide each team with a basic racing chassis, give them a brief, informative introduction, then set them off on the race toward success. Each team represents its own Nascar racer in the following significant and strategic areas:

  • Identifying and aligning with sponsors
  • Designing its representative race car
  • Creating and building a fully functional racer
  • Managing pit stops and lightning-quick tire changes

After all these goals are met, each car takes off on a specially designed race track complete with pit stops, pit teams, and in-race maintenance and mechanics. Although the first team to cross the finish line is declared the official winner, crowned Nascar World Champions, and awarded the Nascar Crystal Globe, every participating team wins a sense of accomplishment, an invaluable skill set, and a heightened awareness of team dynamics. Creative thinking and high-energy come together as each team works together to create a race car that’s structurally sound, stands out from the competition, and gets the job done fast! Imagine how those three skills translate back to the office!

We offer a variety of indoor corporate retreat options including this fast-paced, indoor race your team will love. Corporate retreats in Mexico take on a whole new meaning when you partner with Grupo.

When you’re ready to plan the first of many retreats in Cancun, contact the team at Grupo. We specialize in turning corporate staff into corporate teams. We’ll handle all the details, so your team can relax, renew energy, and return with new outlooks and perspectives that drive new business and new sales.