Mexico City is the largest city and the most populous in the Western Hemisphere. It is the country’s economic and cultural hub, and home to some of Mexicos biggest corporate headquarters. That’s why corporate events in Mexico City mean your corporate team is in for unique corporate events and team building activities.

Mexico City has been revitalized, transformed from a congested mega-city into a cultural centre focused on outdoor living and gastronomy. With one of the biggest shared bike systems in the world, Mexico City is reducing congestion and improving the environment one initiative at a time.

With its vibrant and ever growing gastronomic scene, arts, music and events scene, many companies are choosing corporate events in Mexico City as a unique and authentic destination. Mexico is more than just beaches and oceans – it’s corporate team building at its finest – and it all starts in the countries capital, Mexico City.

It’s an ideal locale for corporate events, corporate team building activities, and corporate getaways. With its accessibility, massive meeting and convention spaces, hotel infrastructure, unique venues and a team of local event professionals excited and prepared to work with you; your corporate group will be set up for a very successful corporate program.

These are just a few of the reasons top companies from around the world host corporate events in Mexico City – the destination of choice for corporate travel in Mexico. Your team will also enjoy local cuisine and culture while they learn invaluable corporate team building skills.

Whether you have a group of 10 Executives on a leadership retreat, 500 sales associates from across the United States for a sales and training conference, or distant team members meeting to make new strides in corporate team building, you will find everything you need to host corporate events in Mexico City.

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