Puerto Vallarta’s art offering is amazing, from crafts found in the flea market to the fleeting creations made by artists with the sand from the beach. Its art galleries, boardwalk, and calm bay waters – which are excellent for scuba diving, by the way – make it the ideal location. Team building activities and corporate events in Puerto Vallarta coupled with picture perfect west coast sunsets are some of the contrasts that will enhance your corporate experience in Mexico.

With its accessibility, massive meeting and convention spaces, hotel infrastructure, unique venues and a team of local event professionals excited and prepared to work with you; your corporate events in Puerto Vallarta will be designed for success. These are just a few of the reasons top companies from around the world choose Puerto Vallarta as their destination of choice for their corporate travel in Mexico.

When you participate in team building activities and host corporate events in Puerto Vallarta, your group will feast on world-class cuisine and relax on breathtaking beaches. In the midst of this unique cultural experience, they’ll learn to create shared goals and developed workable plans for reaching them.

Corporate events in Puerto Vallarta have consistently brought on average 20% more attendees than previous locations. With our selection of beach-based team building activities, your corporate event attendeees will as a group and end as a team.

We help you team develop skills that easily translate back to your office like personal growth and development, mutual communication, collaboration, creative problem-solving, and strategic planning skills. If corporate philanthropy is part of your company culture, you’ll also love our selection of Give Back team building events.

Whether you have a group of 10 Executives on a leadership retreat or 500 sales associates from across the United States for a sales and training conference, you will find everything you need in Puerto Vallarta to plan the ultimate corporate experience.

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