Take Our Advice & Your Team’s Pulse

While vaccines and safe practices are letting the world slowly emerge from sheltering in place, corporate teams are slowly making their way back to the office. After months – and in some cases, an entire year – of working from home, transitioning back to the office is an involved process. While your team navigates inter-office social distancing and learns to master the creation of a new normal, it’s time to take your team’s pulse and make sure everyone stays on track.

The best way to take your team’s pulse is by asking them direct questions and by giving them room to provide frank answers. Try asking these five questions that can help you learn more about how your team is coping and how you can help them continue to meet your goals and express your company culture.

  1. Would you prefer to work from home, the office, or a combination of both?
  2. What corporate support or equipment would help you master working from home?
  3. Are you maintaining regular, productive contact with other team members?
  4. Which methods of communication work best for you – email, texts, memos, phone calls?
  5. Do you feel as seen, understood, and productive in your home office as you do in the corporate office?

How do you feel? This is perhaps, the most important question you can ask your team members. The current situation around the world has had an economic, financial, and emotional impact on everyone it touches. Ask your team members how they feel and what support and resources they need.

The Covid-19 pandemic, its subsequent vaccine, and the changes it has wrought around the world have forever changed the way business is conducted. Families are learning new ways for parents and children to share the same space while working, going to school, and navigating family time.

Contact our team today to learn more about the best ways to take your team’s pulse and ensure each team member is getting the support they need, maintaining company standards, and meeting company goals. The world may be changing but our goal remains the same – to build great teams. Period.