Why Team Building Activities Always Involve Games

Team building activities continue to be an essential business pillar as organizations invest in their teams on a consistent basis through team building sessions and corporate games. Companies that invest in their teams, invest in their business. Better teams equal better business. Your goal is to run a successful business through team work that is organic. Our goal is build great teams through fun team building activities and corporate games in Mexico that help you achieve this.

People are the most valuable assets of any organization. Although humans have been created with the ability to achieve beyond boundaries, not everyone comes close to unleashing their full potential. This is why people need to be mentored and supported so that they can more easily realize their peak potential.

Each individual has the ability to learn, change and also exert more energy into their work depending on how they feel about themselves. Moreover, an environment where people feel valued and capable, fosters growth thereby contributing to organizational success.

Any organization that aims to achieve success should be mindful about grooming leaders, nurturing individuals and team building among all departments. It is crucial for every individual to be empowered with skills that directly influence the scope of their job as well as skills that build the overall team.

Playing Team Building Games requires LEARNING from all participants.

Learning is:

1· Continuous: Regardless of whether it is conscious or unconscious, we are learning new things all the time which can be superficial such as – learning it’s hot today or profound – like learning what it means to be a successful leader within your company.

2· Natural: It is a natural state of affairs to a have desire to learn. Knowing how to do something is associated with success while not knowing is associated with failure and there is no individual that wants to be a failure.

3· Closely related to doing things: Learning via theory is an acquired skill but experiential learning is a natural skill. For instance, if a child is trying to force an object into a box with cut-outs of various shapes in the quest to understand spatial relationships. The child attempts to match shapes until they understand how it works and successfully complete the game. In our experience, a “light bulb moment” is more likely to occur quicker when experiential learning is applied.

Team building games help us remember. For example, studies have shown that our memory is triggered when we are enjoying ourselves and the memory is associated with a fun experience. The rationale behind it is that people seek novelty in play and also have no difficulty paying attention in those situations because when something is novel, we notice different details. In playing team building games, the participants look more closely at all aspects of the situation so as to figure out how to win which is a strong motivating factor.

Moreover, when playing games, people feel relaxed and are therefore less self-conscious and less conscious of their past experiences. Defences are also down in an informal setting thereby assuring low or little resistance to the intended learning outcomes.

Another benefit of team building through playing games is that it does not require a comprehensive skill. Thus, anyone in the organization can participate regardless of the educational level thereby allowing everyone from all departments to benefit from the team building activity or game.

Playing games through team building activities likewise creates bonds within the team. Whenever team members strive together to achieve something, the spirit of togetherness is invoked and promotes team success. This also helps in managing differences in personality styles while adding to the greater cohesiveness within the organization.

Your goal is to get the most out of your team and realize everyones peak potential, our goal is to create a platform that allows your company to achieve this! Get in touch today and see how Grupo’s team building games in Mexico will help build your team and ultimately build your business.