Work From Home Tips For Individuals & Teams

As the business world adjusts to working from the office to home and back, the men and women who make up your current team are facing new and changing challenges. There are advantages and disadvantages to working from home, so the Grupo team put together these work from home tips to help your team make the most of these challenging days.

Avoid isolation while working from home by keeping in regular contact with distant coworkers. Make a point of spending work and non-work time together just as you would do in the office. Make sure to meet your daily and long-term work goals while still asking about your coworker’s families and weekend plans.

Working alone does not typically mean you are really working alone. You should still make a concerted effort to stay on top of corporate culture, goals, and strategies, and to exchanges notes and ideas with team members. Avoid losing sight of company goals by keeping corporate branding, marketing ideals, team goals, and any other company ideals prominently featured in your home office.  

Rather than work wherever you are in your home, set aside a designated area. If you have a home office, it’s easy. If you only recently started to work out of your house, setting up a specified office area in your living or dining room is one of the most important work from home tips. Just as getting dressed in the morning helps you maintain a work attitude, having a clearly defined workspace helps you – and your family – set clear boundaries.  

If you mimic your office space, hours, attire, and workload as much as possible, it makes the transition back to the corporate suite much easier. Work on team development, corporate strategy, and team goals on a regular basis even from home.

Keep these work from home tips in mind while you start the transition to going back into the office. We can also help your team transition by implementing a winning corporate team building event on the sunny shores of Mexico. Contact a Grupo Events team member today when you’re ready to start helping your team bring out the best in each other.