Your Team Can Hit The Right Note On A Musical Retreat In the Riviera Maya

William Congreve famously said, “Music has charms to soothe a savage breast.” Truer words have rarely been spoken because music has the innate ability to set a mood and establish a tone. It also has the power to energize and excite your team – and get them singing on one accord. Your group will sing, dance, and play the drums while making beautiful music together in the Riviera Maya, Mexico during this musical retreat. 

If your team can clap their hands, our facilitators can show them how to make their own music and dance to their own tune while creating their own corporate team development sound. Just as no two team members are exactly alike, each drum we provide will also produce its own unique sound. Each team member is assigned a drum because every member participates in this lively, engaging activity. Many of them will discover talents they never knew they had and realize the team strengthening benefits of learning, developing, and working together.

The Riviera Maya has a rich musical history. We proudly share our love for music and its ability to enhance corporate team development in this delightful social team building activity. Your team will learn how to drum in unison, produce a unified sound, and celebrate each phase of learning and development from start to finish. Combine the drum energizing team building activity with our specialized dancers, acrobats, and fire jugglers for unique interactive team building or as entertainment in your team’s gala event.

Choose the drumming activity as a stand-alone challenge or add as an ice breaker. Either way, your group will discover how easily corporate team development and music come together. They’ll emerge with a newly enhanced appreciation for the power of collaboration and the importance of working in a one-team, one-sound environment that stays with them in the office and provides invaluable project direction for the future.

Give us a quick message today and explore the benefits of this musical themed corporate team building retreat in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.