3 Reasons for Event Gamification

Gamification has become increasingly popular at events around the world. We wanted to share with you 3 reasons gamification works at events and why gamification may just be the solution you are looking for as you plan your next event.

Engage your event participants. If you’re looking for a way to involve and engage your event participants, gamification can be the perfect “vehicle” to ensure your attendees are taking part and not just “showing up”. Our Team Pursuit Resort Rally team building activity is a gamification based activity that has a live leaderboard, live stream and offers a tangible way of seeing who was involved and to what extent. Public leaderboards gives participants an insight into what others are doing and works as a motivating factor to take action!

Create a sense of community. Gamification can take a massive group at a conference and allow them to connect in a unique way. It can be challenging to get a group of 2000+ participants working together with a traditional team building activity; however, the power of gamification allows participants to play the game no matter they are. Most gamification activities can actually be played at the same time in different cities to give you an idea the reach these activities have. By integrating the game at a conference, players can keep abreast as to what others are doing. One more bonus is the fact that these games are very scalable! Check out our Clue Murder Mystery activity for example.

Competitive vs. Non-competitive. Games don’t necessarily have to revolve around the top teams regarding points and the top of the leaderboard. There are additional options for motivating attendees to participate without having to earn the most points. There can be random draws throughout gameplay for all teams or having challenge descriptions that allow participants to think outside the box and get creative extending the game time. From simple to complex challenges, there are ways to make it fun for everyone involved! Check out Getting to Know You as one really good example.

Gamification can be a massive boost to your event and can keep attendees engaged throughout! Gamification is not new to the industry and there are many applications that can take your event to a new level! Our gamification events are available anywhere in Mexico, are completely scalable and can be integrated to fit your event theme and vision! Get in touch today and ask us how our gamification activities can work with your next Mexico based event!