4 Simple Ways To Bring Distant Team Members Together

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the way business is conducted, corporations are looking for new and innovative ways to connect distant team members. That typically means lots of adjustments and finding new ways to connect as corporations of all sizes learn to manage – and make the most of – social distancing in the workplace. Even though most team members these days are working in individual home offices, you can still help put the social back into social distancing with these simple ideas:

  1. Leverage our tech-based team building activities to foster teamwork. Morale boosters in far flung offices can be challenging, and, of course, we think the best place to build great teams is in Mexico, but our tech-based team challenges can bring your team together with fun that’s right in the palm of your hand!
  2. Do not let social distancing in the workplace prevent your team from continuing to learn together. Foster group learning. Whether it’s through webinars, book clubs, or virtual personal development, make sure your team continues to learn and grow together.
  3. Maintain the shared focus and goals that make your corporate office run smoothly. When each team member is working in their own space, it can be easy for them to slip into doing their own thing. Create a simple, shareable, digital roadmap that makes expectations clear and defines corporate and company benchmarks.
  4. Encourage virtual social interaction among your team members. It can be easy to let physical distance turn into team dysfunction, but social distancing in the workplace does not have to mean total distancing.

At Grupo Events, we understand the importance of building great teams – a fact that is more important now than ever! With the tools we provide, your team can stay committed, connected, and cohesive. Contact the team at Grupo Events to find out how we can help your corporation continue to build great teams.