Goal – Team Building. Destination – Sunshine!

If you’re going to host a corporate retreat in Mexico, you might as well make the most of the incredible sunshine and beaches during your trip. The incredible beauty of the great outdoors is the reason we work so hard to create outdoor team building activities in Mexico that let your team members learn in the sun and connect on the surf. Your group will have fun, for sure, but they’ll also learn skills and techniques that translate back to your corporate office while they enjoy one of these outdoor team building activities in Mexico.   

Human Foosball

Like a soccer game with players physically connected to each other, our version of human foosball teaches team members to work together to score points and win goals. Because their movements are limited by side-to-side motions, teamwork and cooperation are built into the challenge. All this learning happens while they’re kicking a soccer ball around on the most spectacular beaches in the world.

Exile Island

With challenges similar to the ones often seen on Survivor, this is one of our most popular outdoor team building activities in Mexico. Players learn skills like creative problem solving, strategic planning, shared vision casting – and the corporate value of a sharp imagination. In addition, every team member makes it to the end of the challenge because togetherness and teamwork are what it’s all about.

Beach Olympics

A humongous sandbox that teaches members of your team to value creativity and out of the box thinking, this team challenge promotes high energy, quick thinking, strengths assessments, and time management. All this growth and development takes place on sun-splashed beaches in rotating teams – with a unique twist at the end.

Hands On. Creative. Adventurous. That’s what makes our outdoor challenges amazing. Your team isn’t limited to these three outdoor team building activities in Mexico. Peruse our entire catalog of outdoor adventures, choose the perfect one for your team, then leave the rest to us because the Grupo Events team is all about making your corporate team work.