Grupo Helps You Build Your Team And Boost Your Brand

At Grupo, we’re famous for our corporate retreats and team building activities. While our primary goal is to ensure your team has a memorable experience, we also build brand exposure into your event. Creative branding that shines the spotlight on your brand is our priority. We boost brand recognition with sand sculptures, ice sculptures, video mapping, paper papel, and caricature creations. Here’s how it works:

Sand Sculptures: While your team is building a connection on the beautiful beaches of Cancun, our professional sculpting team helps them design and build a custom branded sand sculpture. It includes a customized logo, coordinated embellishments, and everything else you need to make it uniquely you.

Ice Sculptures: Want to really draw attention to your brand? A dazzling ice sculpture adds a touch of sophistication to your food and beverage service. It elevates your brand and gets seen from every angle. Our professional sculpting team does the work. Your team reaps the benefits.

Video Mapping: Bring your brand to life by projecting your logo and other images onto a wall, on the beach, or on the dance floor. Add a live DJ and your team will have an unbelievable experience they’ll talk about all year long.

Caricature Art: There are two ways to add the caricature art feature to your team building experience. You can send your team’s photos in advance and our artists will custom draw and brand your team. You can also choose to create live caricatures that give your team a tangible piece of art to take back to the office.

Custom Papel Picado: Based on Chinese Paper Cutting, the Mexican Papel Picado creates intricate designs and amazing custom branding features.We use it to create and add unique décor details to your team building space.

Simultaneously build your team and boost your brand with any of our popular add-ons because part of building a team is creating a shared focus. Incorporating your logo, brand, and team photos is a smart way to establish shared aspirations, shared objectives, and shared goals. Contact us today and let the branding begin!