Motivate The Masses. Mix Up Fun. Maximize Team Bonding.

Not every corporate team building event has to take place in a boardroom or on the beach. One of our top-rated team challenges takes place at the incredible Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos. It’s the perfect location for this indoor or outdoor challenge. If your corporate group is packed with social, ambitious, dynamic team members, they’ll love every minute of the fun and excitement that are built right into our Masters of Mixology team challenge.

As the team from a Latin American electronics and communications company recently found out, fun and learning can definitely work together. The Grupo Events MC and Event Facilitator made this group of 120 corporate executives feel right at home with opening instructions and team instructions. Each larger group was divided into smaller teams for this hair-raising, side-splitting team challenge. With a combination of specialized trivia questions and hilarious games, each team made a head-to-head dash for cash to spend in the Mixology supply store to build their one-of-a-kind cocktails.

As each team created their signature cocktail, they simultaneously worked on a matching sales pitch. Each team’s drink had to be tasty, unique, and creative. With only a minute to impress the judges, their sales pitch had to be clear, concise, focused, and on track. How’s that for a corporate team building event that teaches skills that translate back to the traditional corporate setting?

The Masters of Mixology challenge was a hit for a National group from Latin America, and it can be a major triumph as a corporate team building event for your group, too. They’ll learn all these skills in the luxurious accommodations of the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos. They’ll also learn the value of loosening up, letting their hair down, fostering creativity, and putting together a compelling and comprehensive sales pitch.

Contact Grupo Events today and start planning an unbeatable team building event in a setting that can’t be beat. We’ll take care of everything from stocking the Mixology supply store to setting up the hotel and resort accommodations. We make corporate events a breeze, so you can have a blast while you learn.