Raindrops On Roses & Whiskers On Kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens might not be among your favorite things, but they might be among the favorite things of other members of your corporate teams. Wouldn’t it be fun to find out? When team members routinely share corporate office space, they catch inadvertent glimpses of each person’s favorites. One team member might regularly wear a signature color or scent, or another team member might always order the same coffee or lunch.

Technology like live streaming, social networking, and video calls can help team members stay connected and keep up with the likes, dislikes, strengths, and limitations of corporate teams. Team building games, challenges, and icebreakers can help keep your team focused and on the same page. One way to help team members feel connected is by helping them learn about each other. One of our favorite games – Favorite Things – can do exactly that.

Favorite Things

In this collaborative ice breaker game, everyone on the remote team is encouraged to name their favorite thing. This exercise is useful because it can be adapted to align with the meeting goal, work environment, or something more personal. Since the participants are all asked to name their favorite thing, there is no risk of getting the answer wrong. This works well for remote teams because everyone can participate. Here’s how it works:

  • Assign the Favorite Thing topic. Possibilities include “your favorite thing about the company” or “your favorite aspect of the product.”
  • Ask team members to find an image online and upload it to a picture sharing site or shared drive.
  • Each employee should present their image and a short description to the group. It will stir the participants’ imagination and creativity and makes an ideal springboard to brainstorming.

Add another twist to this game by asking each team member for their favorite – or anticipated favorite – downtime activity during your next corporate retreat in Mexico. Share that information with the Grupo Events team and we’ll use it to plan an upcoming corporate event. We can even leverage team favorites to host events like Masters of Mixology or Legends of Cake your corporate teams will love!