Committed To Your Team. Committed To Your Safety.

At Grupo Events, we’re taking the health and safety of our staff and our clients seriously. Our main goal is two-fold. The first part is to ensure every one of our team members is safe, healthy, and well cared for. The second part is to ensure our clients find ways to keep their team together while they cannot be together because the need for team building never goes away.

Wherever you are in Mexico or the world, follow local guidelines and ensure every member of your team is doing the same. However, while your team shelters in place and commits to social distancing practices, they need to feel united now more than ever. Try these three tips that can help your team find their way toward each other, foster team spirit from a distance, and stay focused on shared goals.

  1. Recap & Reiterate Team Goals
    When teams are far distant, team communication and team goals can easily become miscommunicated or misunderstood. Avoid this potentially dangerous outcome by having your team members create a shared workboard named for your end goal. There are a plethora of online and app-based workboards and productivity tools that help foster team building, team communication – you may even have internal tools that already foster team focus and clarity.
  2. Focus On Faces & Familiarity
    While your team members are working from safe distances, make use of tools that make video conversations and video conference calls simple. Your corporation is likely to have these tools in place in your office, so encourage your team members to take advantage of tools that allow them to become familiar with each other’s faces. Even in today’s tech age, familiarity puts a human face on even the most tech-heavy business and can foster like-mindedness and help enhance real-time connections.  
  3. Cultivate & Create Team Challenges
    Team means more now than ever before when the men and women of your team must find new ways to work together from different proximities. Even team members who live and work in the same cities might not see each other for long stretches of time with social distancing becoming more and more commonplace. Encourage your team members to intersperse fun with learning and working by choosing team-oriented games they can play on their smartphones or company laptops in spite of the distance. There’s a bonus, too – they’ll be well-prepared for our Smart Team Building Challenges when you head back to Mexico.

We’re all in this together. Estefania and I are committed to building great teams. Yours is welcome to call on us at any time.