Why Each One Teach One Is The Ultimate Team Building Goal

One of the best features of a corporate team building retreat is the opportunity for each team member to offer support and encouragement to fellow team members. Building a strong team means each team member learning from and teaching each other. This ensures three important things – each team member’s ability to share their strengths, each member’s willingness to learn from the others, and a mutual desire to produce the best possible outcome.

Building corporate social responsibility (CSR) into your team retreat is what we call a win-win situation. Maintaining the pride and joy of giving back when your team returns to its city is a triple win. At Grupo, we make giving back easy, fun, and productive. Our corporate retreat, Library in a Day, is a give back themed program that allows your corporate group to help build a library for a school in need. They’ll experience the solidarity of team building as they roll up their sleeves and get to work. They’ll also learn the merits of helping a school give the gift of learning to its students.

The school benefits from this impactful program by gaining custom shelving, assembled tables and chairs, painted and decorated walls, and a well-stocked, neatly organized library of books that serve student’s immediate educational needs and foster a lifelong love of learning. Your group will be responsible for completing a series of tasks with the goal of creating a brand-new library for the school.

Here’s how the day goes:
• Grupo hosts greet your team at their hotel and transport them to the school
• On route, our knowledgeable hosts conduct a brief – but thorough – orientation complete with tips and techniques for successfully collaborating with local students, teachers and volunteers
• At the school, teams are assigned specific tasks and projects that help outfit and equip the library
• When the team building tasks are complete and the library is finished, your team reads selected books to local children

Additional Grupo support staff, teachers, and parents are always on hand to provide support and guidance for your team. Library In A Day is one of our most impactful corporate give back retreats. It has the added benefit of easily translating back to your hometown. Once back on their own turf, your team can choose a local school in need of help and build an additional team of parents, teachers, and community members to work together toward a shared goal.

From sizeable community libraries to school libraries to mobile bookmobiles on wheels to miniature libraries placed on well-traveled rural roads, community libraries come in all shapes and sizes. Your team can play a huge role in turning the dream of a well-stocked library into the reality of a thriving school library in Mexico and in their hometown. Contact us today to see how simple and meaningful corporate philanthropy can be. You’re not only building your corporate team – you’re also building a lasting legacy. Better teams, better business!